Zsuzsanna Toldi

Personal data:

Date of birth: 9 November 1982
Place of birth: Devecser, Hungary
Place of residence: Budapest
Weight: 61 kg
Height: 170 cm


Zsuzsanna Toldi - Hungarian fitness model, and IFBB professional athlete. Its a competition of careerone beginning in 2004. Suzanne the whole 8 years were in the category of fitness (a late fitness bikini), and in 2012 moved into the category of bodyfitness or figure. In 2013, she won the absolute category in bodyfitness at the European Arnold classic and joined the professional division of the IFBB. In 2014, Zsuzsanna won the tournament Bodypower Pro and was third at the Mozolani Pro, after which he qualified for the Olympia.

In addition to his sports career, Zsuzsanna Toldi has its own fitness club and clothing line "Beyond by ST. Sponsor Toldi  is the company cellucor and Zsuzsanna can be seen on the stand of Saytek almost all European sporting events.


Links to social networks:

Instagram: @suzytoldi
Facebook: Zsuzsanna-Toldi-IFBB-Pro
Twitter: @suzytoldi


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